Wednesday, 29 October 2014

5 Random things that makes me happy.

I am one of the persons in the world who has the shallowest source of happiness. From a simple greeting in the morning up until a long friendly conversation, everything matters, it makes me happy. Although it is not very easy to look for something that can make me smile, I always set my mind that each day will turn out fine even though sometimes, it will happen the other way around. From this on (if you don't mind me sharing), I would like to share some of the simple things that makes me happy. If you are curious about it then please allow me to share it to you.
1. Being young at heart, my number one anti-depressant is ice cream. If my day is becoming not my usual walk in the park day, I will definitely visit a nearest ice cream shop to aid my remaining hours. It helps me bring back my positive energy avoiding frowning.
2. Playing sports. Working in a fast-paced and constant changing company, it is really stressful to cope up with different updates every day. To get over the stresses on the entire weekdays, I am always looking forward every weekend to play volleyball or a morning swim to stay fit and awesome. It helps me replenish the tensions inside of me brought by my job demands gearing up happily for another work week.
3. Hanging out. Catching up a lot of stories from my friends has been one of the things that excites me. It updates me on the things that they are currently into, vice versa. Also, if I am seeking advice or any personal improvements, they are always the best person to consult (aside from my parents).
4. Staycation. A long conversation at home with my mom over a cup of coffee makes me enjoy my rest days. There are a lot of things that I need to work on in my life to be a responsible lad and talking  to her makes me discern it. She is one of the sources of my priceless joy and that is why, I do not miss ending my weekend without a time seeking her advice.
5. Singing. Of all the God-given talents that I have, being part of my church's choir is the best way that I can gratefully thank him. I never miss a weekend without serving and thanking Him for all the blessings that I am receiving. Moreover, singing songs of praise makes me feel human and contented. I can say that the happiest way to live is to serve my God with all my might without any ifs and buts.
 Details - Sunnies (Sprinto), Cardigan, Buttoned Down and Jeggings (Uniqlo Ph), Watch (Aldo) and Brogues (Milanos).

Photos by Neil Walker

Just a quick thought, do not let your day be ruined by a simple reason. Just learn how to smile and work things out. Be a happy version of yourself every day. :)

Thanks for dropping by. Also, if you feel like throwing out some of the things that makes you joyful, feel free to use the comment box and share it on my page!


  1. Everyone should have simple joys. Mine is a piece of chocolate. Or a smile from a stranger (not the creepy kind) .

  2. Physical exercise is proven to release endorphins, so your #2 is a good tip! I like Ice Cream too, but I'm usually happy with a bar of Sneakers.

  3. I like eating ice cream too that makes me happy too.

  4. It's nice to know that your stress buster is ice cream and sports. Keep it up!

  5. Your personality shows with your stress relievers and dressing up. Nice fashion sense.

  6. I love those shoes. Are those shades Gucci?

  7. Chocolates and good food makes me happy :)

  8. Awesome fashion sense Sef! Really love those jeans; it makes the apparel very casual yet extremely stylish. Love looking at your styles as always :)

  9. I like your style, so young and hip!