Saturday, 27 September 2014

My 8 Childhood Secrets.

I grew up in the family in which my 3 sisters and my mom nurtured me to be the best person that I can be. As pertains to my dad, he was working before as a Cargo Ship Captain so I will only see him every two years. The only time span that we spent bonding together whenever he was coming home was like 15-30 days only. I am not trying to be sentimental but he missed a lot of things about me growing up. Also, I rarely share secrets with him so I tended to share it with my mom who always wanted to give woman's perspectives and suggestions about almost everything. Moreover, she knew every secret that I will be willing to share and if you are curious then let me spill the beans.
1. Of all 10 childhood extracted teeth, only 2 removals were made by my dentist and then the rest, I manually did it. Although, I am fond of meeting my dentist when I was a kiddo because he was very nice but the fact that there will be a 4-inch long needle being injected through my root canal, that was a no-no.
2. I failed to learn how to ride a bike. My mom forbade me to try it because of the fear of accidents. I think I missed a quarter of my life because of it.
3. Me and my childhood friends kept on trespassing a warehouse after 5 pm and hit the foams and leather remains practicing our tumbling skills. It was really helpful for me because I was able to know the basic of gymnastics like cartwheel, front and back walks.
4. When pellet guns used to be a trend before, I accidentally hit myself bruising my lower eyelid (good thing, it didn't hit my right eye). My mom was very worried. I just lied and told her that it was just an allergy and not a gun-related injury. After the incident, I was traumatized that I didn't play with it anymore, LOL.
5. It maybe funny to hear but I used to collect lighters way back then not because of its use but because of the girl's sexy picture in front of it. Please do not get me wrong, I am just innocent that time. HAHAHAHAHA!
6. I used to throw my garbage inside my classmate's bag without him knowing because he was always our top 1 while I was just second best. Then there was this one time that I threw an orange juice inside his bag pretending it was unintentional. Good thing, I was not sanctioned because of my acting skills.
7. My mother did not want me to join my school's volleyball varsity team so I always hide my jersey from her and when they started to fall asleep, I will sneak in and wash it. She later found out through a friend where her husband was our final's referee. Since she cannot stop me from doing what I like, she just let me do my thing and became supportive.
8. Lastly, I weighed 75 kilograms when I was on my 6th grade. If you will compare it to an adult, it must be the weight of a 5'10" guy.
Our childhood secrets will be the best moments to remember and laugh about for we will never know what we will become as days go by. As for me, I learned a lot of fruitful things that I will always treasure. Also, if you are a parent reading this, always let your offspring explore. Experience has been proven the best teacher so let him do what he wants to do. 

Details: Sweater and Joggers (Uniqlo Ph), Tee (Topman) and Sneakers (Adidas Ph).

Shoot Location: Photomark Lightworks Studio

Thanks for dropping by. You can share your childhood secrets on my comment box. Please feel free to jot it down. :)


  1. One of my childhood secret maybe is I think back then that I was a boy hahahaha.

    1. That is cute to know rayrose. Thanks for sharing your secret too! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hesitant nga ako ilagay yun nung una eh but since, andito na, hinayaan ko na lang. Thanks Kenny! HAHAHA! :)

  3. Well, I'm an OFW myself, and I can relate to your childhood character. Well, just go on with your choices in life and be happy.

  4. Great outfit. And wonderful things to look back on. It's nice to reminisce and remember those happy, crazy times when we were younger.

  5. You were such a bully when you were younger especially what you did with you schoolmates bag.

  6. haha made me remind myself of my childhood too! I am scared of the dentist too and its expensive so we only use a thread to extract a tooth.. hehe. I got scared with your #4 OMG that was dangerous! good thing there was no major damage..

  7. I can related to number 2 - I don't know how to ride a bike either - make it worst, I can't even swim lol!

  8. I love the shoe so bad. The number 5 is my favorite lol I actually used to that before way back highschool

  9. I love this idea, mind if I do something similar in my blog? I can relate to having a dad away growing up, infact a childhood secret of mine was when we had a male visitor I thought he was my dad! Lol my father worked overseas and went home every year for a couple of days only so I wasn't really exposed to who he really was.

  10. childhood secrets, argh..cant recall anymore! a lot i think! LOL no. 5 and 6 hahah!! bitter..but lighter man that was cool yeah!! LOL