Sunday, 3 August 2014


Last July was really not for me and I think that was the worst month for me so far. You know the feeling of striving hard yet the stars are not aligned for you, yeah it sucks ten trillion times. Since stress is way over the top of my head, I am praying for a breather. Good thing, last weekend my friends way back in college organized a reunion plus a Sunday ball game made me sweat all the disappointments out.
I think a single person needs to take a long break if he feels like he is burnt out. Come on! Whatever the nature of one’s job, it is never an excuse for anyone to let it consumes oneself. Everyone has a life aside from their job and it is best to enjoy it together with their family, relatives and friends who are always there to support. 

When I felt demotivated with my current job, I thought of it as a shaking point in my career. The make or break decision in which I am about to leave my job. Good thing I was able to resolve it with myself (after seeking a lot of suggestions). I just learned how to take a break, reflect and bounce back. Although, I have tons of loved ones pushing me all the way up, at the end of the day, it was just me who created a decision to stay and work hard even more.
We must learn from every phase in life because that is where we will grow. No matter how many downfalls we face, tons of experiences will make us stronger. Always believe in yourself and pray harder. In the end, you will be triumphant.
What I wore – Sunnies (Sprinto), Blazer (SM Main Street), Watch (Cotton On), Men’s Jeggings (Uniqlo Ph) and Loafers (Dr. Kong).

Be enlightened. Whatever bad feelings you are currently in right now, you will get through that! Thanks for dropping by, beloveds!

Photos by Excell Neri

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