Tuesday, 12 August 2014

5 questions that you need to ask yourself before grabbing a promotion.

I am an easy-go-lucky type of employee, a mere individual who takes responsibility of a specific task, work from there and finish it with flying colors. I barely pressure myself for things that can be impossibly done in a single day so I always believe that tomorrow will be another comeback to complete it. A couple of years of having this life is actually boring that is why I opened up myself to the possibilities of being promoted. Now that the opportunity is knocking at my doorsteps, I cannot help but think of it. I actually came up with 5 questions and ask myself over and over again. From that queries, I came up with a good decision. If you are curious enough to know these inquiries then let me share it with you, maybe you can come up with the best choices too.
1.       Am I responsible enough? Being responsible is something that cannot be easily taught in school, at home or even in the workplace. Responsibility is a big word which means that you are ready and full-pledged liable to your people. That responsibility is a management task which means one is in charge for the better growth and aspirations of his subordinates and knows how to take good care of them.
2.       Am I matured enough for the position? Maturity comes hand in hand with responsibility for one cannot act matured if he is not responsible enough with the decisions he is about to make. It is a repetitive process based on the scenarios you have encountered and grow from there. With different attitudes, perspectives and conflicts each employee he is handling, he must know where he will place himself. He must be an example of a leader that everyone will listen to and always ask for his underlings’ suggestions and come up with the best decision for the benefits of the entire team.
3.       Am I ready anytime to fail? Some plans are meant to fail no matter how hard one work on it. As long as one take downfalls as his best teachers on his leadership experience then he will come up with a greater idea that will work way better than the previous one.
4.       Am I an inspiration to my underlings? Being a supervisor, he must influence his team to strive and work on their best. He must be a good example on how a job can be done easily and accurately. He must be the one who has a great sense of knowledge in terms of workarounds and processes. Also, he must have a professional attitude in which he can easily communicate professional with different colleagues he is working with.
5.       Am I ready to risk something? Being promoted is risky for one will no longer get all of the incentives, a normal employee may have. Moreover, there will be long hours of completing and calculating your subordinates’ numbers, creating plans for them to improve, listening for their opinions and completing all the tasks. There is a lot of sacrifices because one will work not just for himself anymore but for the people who are depending and looking up on him.

What I am wearing - Parka (Dean and Trent), Buttoned Down and Pants (Uniqlo Ph), Belt (McJim), Belt (McJim) and Loafers (Salvatorre Mann Mann)
You may think that these questions are easy but if you are on my shoes right now, for sure you will go crazy too. Furthermore, giving up on to something that you routinely do is really hard but if you are open to changes, then embrace it. It may be hard and hurtful at first but at the end of the day, your dreams or aspirations are all worth it!

Photos by Phylicia Marie Pineda

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