Sunday, 24 August 2014

5 Types of Outerwear all guys must have.

Guys today are all fashion forward unlike before. We are more conscious on how we look, how we wear our clothes, how fragrant we are and how tidy we look. We are no longer mediocre in terms of styling ourselves because we want to stand up and look best at all costs. Also, as weather becomes colder as compared to the last season, we are fond of wearing different types of outerwear. If you are a bit curious on the things that each man should have on his closet, then let me walk you through.

1. Hoodie -  If there is one thing that most guys are comfortable wearing then this is the one that will top this list. Whether we are strolling inside the mall, hanging with our buddies, running an errand or going to a ball game, wearing this makes us feel comfortable all the time. It makes each of us looks simpler and stylish without exerting much effort because we are somehow getting an easy A+ achieving an athletic-hottie-like image.

2. Blazer - On the other world of men's styling, here are the dapper guys. Blazer is a-must basic for every hardworking man. Either we wear it casually or formally, it makes each of us looks dashing and charming. Although it requires a little effort to wear these clothes perfectly, we can never go wrong wearing this on our everyday adventure.
 3. Camo Jacket - Camo has stolen a march on tie-dye as the seasons go to style. It makes every guy becomes fully aware that this kind of tailoring can be brought to the street fashion all the way down to the runway. It makes a single #OOTD looks grungy as its statements provides ample things without looking overly styled. This has been a need for every fashion enthusiast guys out there.
4. Sweater - If there's one of the most basic shirts that you will find in our closet/s then it will be sweaters. From the statement ones up until to a single-colored pullover, this has been a 5/5 stars for us. It gives us a Sunday morning vibe in terms of comfortability without compromising a sense of style. Also, it is one of the easiest outerwear to sport, it can either be layered with a buttoned down, can be wrapped on the waist area or on the shoulder area channeling a K-pop star.
5. Cardigans - One of my personal favorites are cardigans. For me, they are the most comfortable and always ready to go. I think this type of outerwear can come to the most preppy look to a grunge staple hottie look. Also, as we have in our season right now, cardigans provide warmth fashionably without trying hard. It matches well with shirts, collared shirts or even with a tie. Also with its pockets, it can be a good storage of a pair of reading glasses, small wallet or even cellphones.
I know that each of us has a lot of clothing preferences but always settle for comfortability before looking awesomely stylish. Second, it is never an issue of how costly your clothes are, as long as you can carry yourself then that is way better. Third, always carry a smile as you sport your clothes. It is the most fashionable asset that you have before anything else. 

Hope you learn something out of  my post. Thanks for dropping by! :D

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