Wednesday, 27 August 2014

5 Things why I really like Pevonia facial wash.

I am actually not fond of using male beauty products and alike until I was forced by my sister to try this hypo-allergenic type of facial wash. At first, I was hesitant because I had an experience using a branded facial wash and I had a pimples breakdown. Since my sister has been using this Pevonia product for a couple of days now, it makes me curious to try it too. Furthermore, one of her advice is if you are not sure if a single brand will work well on your skin then try first the skin located proximally to your thumb.
I started using this facial wash last week and I listed 5 things why this is compatible to my skin and personal preferences. It makes me feel selfie-ready every wash and that's awesome to feel. So if you want to know why I love this product then let me start doing a roll call for my reasons.
1. I have a weird seasonal type of skin and I am very particular with things that I will use for my face. There are days that my skin is oily and there are times that my skin is super dry. Good thing, Pevonia facial wash is hypo-allergenic and very light to use. Moreover, it does not irritate my skin.
2. I hate a single product that has a pungent smell and good thing the label is on the contrary. The scent is a little minty and very calming that is why I am always feeling relaxed using this.
3. In terms of being economical, then you might consider this product. With a bit of water, it lathers very well even if you pour out a single drop or two, it can cover up the entire face. Moreover, it is not like any other facial washes that are very foamy and that's one of the reasons why I am rooting for this.
4. Altogether with whatever product that you are using, it can help dry up your pimples and remove blemishes in an accurate manner. For every after use of this product, it will leave a minimal minty feeling for some parts that have pimples and this speed up the healing process of the inflammation of your acne.
5. Aside from its awesome use, I am also very particular about the packaging. It can easily be slipped straight to your bag without occupying a large space thus it can be good as a travel must-haves too.
A single bottle of 150ml will cost you P3640. Aside from facial wash, they do facial creams and cleansers too. If you are curious about the entire products they currently have, you may check their facebook page here. I hope you like my first segment of grooming advice. 

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