Sunday, 27 July 2014

6 Reasons why Employees are being demotivated at work.

I have been working since 2009, the time while I was waiting for the results of 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination. Since then, I promised to myself that I will strive for the best once I have my first job. Up until now, I always bring that spirit whenever I am coming to work. I always make sure that I am keeping myself motivated for me to accomplish all the tasks on time. Not until one day, I think I am losing this urge to work. I am being demotivated with a lot of factors and stressors that are being displayed at my workplace. Out of this, I have listed 6 reasons why employees are losing their mindset coming to work and performing at their max. Just a disclaimer, most of these scenarios, are based on my personal experience. If you are feeling me, then let’s get it on! 

1.       Most employees nowadays are more interested in what salary a single company may offer. It is like a fish bait hooking up the greatest of the greatest type of workers. The conflict begins when the consistency of the salary do not meet the financial demands of staff. To ease the burden of company’s attrition then invest on giving out incentives or increasing the personnel’s salary on what he or she really deserves.
2.       Second to the most important thing that adds a fuel to the flames is not establishing an inducive type of environment. It is best to work in a company where proper lighting, superb interior design, lively, clean and a well-ventilated workplace is a must, not a necessity. It liven up one’s urge to come to his/her job every day because of this important detail that most companies are neglecting.
3.       Boss-employees relationship. The management is one of the greatest reasons why their best employees resign. They always miss out building a harmonious relationship with their staff who perform most of the time. Always remember that workers do not come to work just to do their labors, they need to feel that the company and their direct supervisors need them. The administration should know how to listen to its people’s suggestions, feelings and opinions. If this specific argument is missed out then expect the worst for that enterprise.

4.       Recognition and Promotion. Laborers should be recognized inside the office if they outshine the rest of the employees in a single month, quarter or in a year. This event will boost their morale to be inspired on coming to work. Furthermore, if their qualifications meet a certain position then it is time for them to have what they deserve. A certain supervisor or manager should never be a hindrance to someone's success most especially for this matter.
5.       Rooms for improvements. A caring management should coach their staff on the things that they need to improve on. With these constructive criticisms, they will feel regarded and treasured as an individual. This instigates them to beat their previous marks and come up with good scores. If one of the steps for improvement will be missed out, how good an employee can turn into? Going back to the start, he or she will fall into demoralization.
6.       Let them go on leave. An individual whatever the nature of his or her job deserves to go on leave. This will serve as a breather for his or her to release some work tensions and pressures. If the organization failed to provide an ample leave for someone working so hard but prioritize the people who are not performing well, how unfair can it be? This simple scenario can spark a conflict that can make employees walk out of the company.
Admit it or not, our job has been our second home. If it breaks our hearts because of the reasons above mentioned then it will never be healthy for us anymore. Think first before deciding. If everything falls into negative feelings towards your job then that is the perfect timing to pack your bags, bid farewell and look for a better job. 

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  1. Talking about employee morale can be quite tricky, but like how you did, it's possible. I think a company's human resources remains to be a core asset so finding out where the problem is can greatly help a company soar higher

    1. It's sad the most companies are not like this. Hoping for a better way of resolving this so as the employees will benefit too. Thanks for dropping by!:)

  2. Great points you got here! If this will all be implemented, our workplace would be much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for feeling me with this. I wish all the best for the superb employees in the world! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Love this Look Sef! Hi Sef!!!! Hahahaha <3

  4. hi claudeeeeee. thank you. see you around. ingat! :)